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OrbitOrb is an orb bouncing action game where the player has latch on and launch from one orb to another, while avoiding the same orbs that you are launching off of. You as the player, are descending downwards, latching onto orbs, collecting gems and experimenting with various different abilities to see how far down you can get.

In the cosmetic shop, you can use your gems to buy player cosmetics, orb cosmetics, backgrounds and trails that you can customize each run.

The game is unique to other games, as you are focusing on going down, meaning that gravity is you friend and your enemy. Gravity is helping you get further down, but it can make you collide with orbs earlier if you keep going faster.


This is a very early build and has quite a few issues. Both in gameplay, UI functionality and purchases from the store. Hopefully new updates will come out, both fixing these problems and introducing new things for you all to enjoy.

The game is only for android build currently.

If you want to check out our blog sites, you can check out Daniel Buckley's blog site at https://www.daniel-buckley.com/, and Nam Ha's blog site on namhablog.wordpress.com.


OrbitOrbV06.apk 33 MB

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